Your physician should order a mammogram for you at the time of your annual physical exam according to the above guidelines.

You should ask your doctor to go over a breast self examination with you.  This should be done every month after you menses (period).  A self breast examination is different if you have breast implants, since you can’t press the breast tissue against the chest wall due to the obtrusion.  The breast tissue in this instance should be squeezed between the  fingers using both hands.  It is common to have irregularities that are soft and mobile, especially in the upper outer quadrants of each breast.  It is common to feel soft little cysts of the breast.  Hard lumps are not normal.  If you should be concerned about any breast lump, please see your doctor for a professional opinion.

If a lump is detected on examination, a needle aspiration of the mass or cyst can be done in the office and the fluid sent to the pathologist for further evaluation.  A digital mammogram is a desirable examination to further evaluate a breast lump.  A ultrasound can also be helpful.  If it is difficult to evaluate and further information is needed, then a breast MRI can be performed in order to get the highest resolution and the most precise information that will help rule out an early breast cancer.

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